We are fun digital and on-ground agency with strong expertise in games and gamification.
We believe in fun experience as the key to your brand sustainability.

Our Team

Experienced digital and on-ground consultancy team consisted of 5 people that have served more than 25 local and multinational clients since 2009.
Strong technical, creative, and production team consisted of 50 people that have developed more than 150 games
in multiple platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, PC.
Dedicated digital marketing team consisted of 10 people that have successfully maintained more than 5 brands.

Shieny Aprilia

Managing Partner


Shieny has over 5 years of experience in game industry as a game programmer, game producer, and now as a game consultant. She received her bachelor degree from Informatics Engineering of Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

As a game consultant, she has various experience helping companies to improve marketing and communication impact through fun experience and game design. She has help both local and multinational companies including LOTTE, Manulife Indonesia, Djarum, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft; medical institution including PT Shape-Up Indonesia; and worldwide non-profit organization such as CIFOR.

Vincentius Hening W. Ismawan



Vincent has more than 5 years of experience in game industry as a game artist, game producer, and now as a game consultant. He received his bachelor degree in Product Design from Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

He is specialized on how to improve marketing impact through fun experience and game design. He has helped both local and multinational brand companies including The Coca Cola Company, Nutrifood Indonesia, Pocari Sweat Indonesia, BNI, Kalbe; giant corporations such as Astra International; and government organization including Kementrian PU.

Erga Ghaniya


Having his bachelor degree from Visual and Communication Design in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Erga has been following his passion for making game since 2009. Erga has a lot of experiences as game artist and game designer before joining Agate Level Up as creative. Using his analytical thinking, he has developed creative ideas for marketing, education, and training games such as HiLo Jungle Rescue and Manulife Journey of Life.

Restya Winda Astari

Serious Game Producer

Game and never ending learning, that is what Restya chose for her career. After receiving her master degree in Software Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, she joined Agate as a game programmer in 2011. Now, she is a serious game producer and a lecturer of Software Engineering  in Institut Teknologi Bandung. Restya was involved in the development of Cerebrovit Academy as a lead programmer and Bintang Asik as a game producer.

Valentinus Rama Kurniangga

Serious Game Producer

Interested in game design and development, Valent joined Agate since 2010. Before being a game producer, Valen was a game designer and a game programmer. He owned his programming skill from Computer Science major of BINUS University. As a game producer, he has handled a lot of serious game developments including Pocari Futsal and also entertainment game developments including Football Saga 2.

Yinan Dwisandi Irawan

Serious Game Producer

Before joining Agate in 2013, Yinan was working as a branch manager in one of  the biggest factory outlet in Dago. Having 4,5 experience as a manager, he  understand how to handle a project to achieve it’s goal within a specific timeline. Then with his passion in gaming, he will make sure that the every project delivered has the best quality. As a game producer, Yinan helped PT Shape-Up Indonesia in developing the healthy food game.

Wiradeva Arif Kristawarman

Head of Development

Known by his nickname: Devon, he is the key person in our development division. Having passion in developing games since high school, Devon went to Informatics Engineering of Institute of Technology Bandung. He received bachelor and master degree  with his thesis in Gamification topic. Before being a Head of Development, Devon was a game programmer, game producer, and head of finance and support team. With his over 5 years experience in game industry, he now leads the development team in Agate.

Teguh Budi Wicaksono

Technical Director

Receiving his master title from Computer Science of Institut Teknologi Bandung, Teguh has wide technical knowledge in developing game. It’s not surprising that in 2009, he made his own game framework in ActionScript 3. As lead programmer, Teguh was involved in the development of Smash Mania and Valthirian Arc II. Now, he is a technical director who helps every programmer in developing game and analyze technical feasibility before a game project is started.

Wimindra Lee

Creative Director

Wimindra was a founder of Lucidrine. With Lucidrine, he created Cube Colossus that won People’s Choices Awards  at 2010 Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco. Lucidrine then merged with Agate Studio in 2010. Beside Cube Colossus, Wimindra also known by his notable works: Sushi Go Round, Valthirian Arc, and Valthirian Arc II. As a veteran in game industry, Wimindra listed on the flashmindmeld.com as one of the sixty experts in flash game industry and also listed on Media Indonesia’s 40 Inspirational figures.

Dara Tamara

Head of Art Department

Tama has started to enjoy drawing since she was on elementary school. She keeps following her passion by studying in Visual and Communication Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Joining Agate in 2009, Tama has various experience game development as a game artist, lead artist, product manager, and head of art department. Shopping Paradise, Nutrisari Fruggie Monster, Lotte Avenue Begins are just some example of her works.

Frida Dwi

Customized Arcade Specialist

Bored with conventional joystick for your BTL games? Meet Frida Dwi a.k.a. Ube who can make unique arcade for your events. Ube has  worked in game industry for 5 years before joining Agate in 2012. He has made a lot of entertainment games and serious games, including Allianz Penalty Battle and BNI Flood Runner. Also interested in developing edugame, together with his team, Ube made Geograpiea and won Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest 2013.

Andrew Pratomo Budianto

Head of Publishing Division

With his strong interest in game and business development, Andrew has been entering game industry since 2009. He has experiences as a game programmer, game producer, account manager, and now as a head of publishing division. He received his bachelor degree from Informatics and master degree in Business and Administration, both in Institut Teknologi Bandung. Andrew and his team published dozens of games, including Football Saga 2 and Sengoku IXA Indonesia.