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On-ground game controlled using drum, improve conversion rate to 300%


BNI is the main sponsor of Java Jazz 2014 and they held a booth the event and on the pre-events. Continuing the success of the previous on-ground game activation done together with us, they need something else more innovative and engaging to attract more crowd to their booth. They also would like to gather data of the the booth visitors to enable future interaction with them.



We’ve set a good standard in the previous BNI BTL project, so we’re so challenged to create even better impact for BNI. As Java Jazz is a music event (one of the biggest in the world), we thought utilizing musical instrument as the game controller will be wonderful. So we picked Jimbe, an Indonesian traditional drum, as the game controller. Also, at that time Jakarta was having heavy rain and threatened by flood during January – March 2014, so we thought using flood theme will be interesting and more engaging for people. The result was a blast.



Unique game controller using musical instrument and custom microcontroller, bring interesting experience for people

Multiplayer feature inducing greater engagement for people




This game brought significant impact for BNI. The sales conversion rate to new opening account rose up to 300%.

“This game is proven very effective in our events. It drives enthusiasm from the crowd to participate and even raise our conversion rate. Good job!”

– Verdy Sinaga, Mobile Media Marketing of BNI