Social simulation game, the winner of Best Advergame in INAICTA 2013


Cerebrovit X-Cel needs to improve awareness and engagement of the brand in digital, as multivitamin for cool teenagers.



We created Cerebrovit Academy, a web-based social simulation game where player acts as students in the school trying to become the high-performing student. The game successfully communicated the benefit of Cerebrovit X-Cel product in a subtle yet effective way, while also brought message about importance of multiple intelligence that can be achieved through various learning activities in school. This game also endorse virality among the players to organically promote the brand also the game. We also provide feature where player can redeem Cerebrovit X-Cel purchase in Alfamart to obtain item and energy in the game, to drive product sampling.


Various contents to be unlocked that keep people engaged

Redeem purchase to obtain item and energy, supported by Alfamart

Competitive leaderboard with real prize


After being live for 2 years, the game has successfully attracts the target audience and create high engagement rate. The average active users is more than 1,202 per month and 160 per day, with average length of stay per visit is 10 minutes. This game successfully generates 40,376 impression through Facebook share features.