On-ground game as an effective product sampling driver for kids


Kalbe needs to maximize the effectivity of sampling event in store by providing point of interest for kids. It will be great for them as well to be able to gather consumer data through the on-ground activity.



We created a game which is easy-to-play, while communicating experience of using Enerkids, that is giving extra energy for the consumer. We also implemented a leaderboard where the top players can have additional benefits from the brand. Before playing, player had to enter his/her data such as name, phone number, email, to be gathered seamlessly in the computer.



Easy-to-play endless runner game with simple control (just 2 buttons)

Subtle product experience and education message, where the character gets additional energy when tagging Enerkids bottle

Cute art direction to appeal kids




This game can drive product sampling up to 900 packs every 2 days in a single store, through around 240 kids who have played the game.

“The game was interesting and the result was exciting!” – Former Enerkids Brand Manager