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Level Up Powered by Agate at What’s New? Summit 2023: Maximizing ROI

On September 8, 2023, Level Up Powered by Agate was invited to the What’s New? Summit 2023. In it, we discussed “New Ways of Boosting Performance and Maximizing ROI,” which was presented by our Head of the Gamification Division, Junialdi Dwija Putra. In the Panel, He discussed these key points on how you can succeed in digital marketing: 

Market Research

Market research plays a crucial role in understanding the motivations and pain points of users. It also helps to generate new ideas sourced directly from users, ensuring that the content we create is truly relevant. To gather this valuable insight, there are various methods we can employ, such as user interviews, focus group discussions (FGD), and surveys.  

When it comes to evaluating digital marketing initiatives, we can use A/B testing or other concept testing methodologies like smoke tests, especially when high-accuracy data is required. This involves creating a prototype or “dummy” product to test with a real audience. For example, in the gaming industry, we can validate elements like concept art and game mechanics even before the game is published. After we release the smoke test, we can analyze the Click-Through Rate (CTR) or survey results to better understand our target users’ preferences. This information can be used to make informed decisions in the future. 

Apply Best Practice

There are numerous activities to choose from when it comes to marketing. However, it’s essential to conduct small experiments to determine which marketing initiatives work best for your business. Evaluating each channel helps to identify the ones that work best, and when we spend the budget, we do it in a way that has a strong reason behind it. This approach allows us to make informed decisions and execute marketing strategies that will yield the best results. 

Engaging Content

After identifying the interests and pain points of a user, personalization can be used to improve engagement and effectiveness. Customer journey mapping is a helpful tool in identifying the user’s needs at every stage, allowing for targeted digital marketing campaigns to strengthen the message and provide value to the user throughout the service. Additionally, gamification elements can enhance user engagement, such as in-app enhancements that transform the application into a game, encouraging users to invest their time and loyalty in the product and to continue using it repeatedly. 

Maximizing ROI

When measuring Return on investment (ROI), the stage of the product’s development should be taken into account. During the early stages, the focus of the marketing program is on acquisition, so it’s worth measuring the investment in terms of the number of users gained. In the mid-stage, churn rate and engagement metrics like duration of product use should be the focus. Finally, in the later stages, business metrics such as revenue or cost per install will be more important. To determine the Return on Investment (ROI), a cost analysis should be conducted by comparing the cost of the campaign to the revenue generated. 

Future trends in digital marketing that businesses should be aware of

With the increase in consumption that has led to GDP growth in Indonesia, there are future trends in marketing that we can expect. These trends include: 

Extended Reality (XR) Marketing

As VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies become more accessible, they offer immersive ways to engage audiences. For game developers, this could mean offering AR-based game demos or VR game trailers. However, the current devices are not user-friendly, but if lighter devices are introduced, it can make a huge difference. 

AI-Powered Personalization

Using AI to tailor marketing content to individual users based on their behavior and preferences. This can enhance user engagement and conversion rates. There are already many AI tools available, and we must adapt to them. 

Playable Ads

Interactive ads that allow users to experience a mini-version of a game or product before downloading or purchasing. 

Some of the best practices for boosting performance and maximizing ROI in digital marketing

Gamification is one of the most effective practices to boost performance and maximize Return on Investment (ROI), and Level Up Powered by Agate has discovered a highly effective gamification method. Gamified loyalty programs that utilize game mechanics to reward users for consistent engagement, purchases, or referrals are the most effective methods. By using analytics tools to understand user behavior, businesses can make data-driven decisions and refine their marketing strategies accordingly. Engaging content that incorporates storytelling, high-quality graphics, and interactive elements can captivate the audience and keep them coming back for more. Building a loyal community through engagement on social media, forums, and other platforms is also crucial. Collaborating with influencers, other game developers, or brands can help businesses reach a wider audience and expand their reach.  

Level Up Powered by Agate’s Case Study in Boosting ROI

In the realm of game development, digital marketing plays a crucial role in driving user engagement and revenue. We also shared a case study where Level Up Powered by Agate’s innovative digital marketing strategies resulted in a significant boost in performance and Return on Investment (ROI). This valuable insight for creative industries is based on Level Up Powered by Agate’s vast experience in providing gamification services for many of its clients as a gamification company. 

If you wish to discover Level Up’s case studies to learn more about the concepts and benefits of gamification, click the button below. 

If you are interested in learning more about gamification and how it can benefit you or your organization

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