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What is Level Up’s Gamification?

We have all played games, whether on a computer, console, mobile phone, or other media. Games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment and are loved by many people. But did you know that games are not just for entertainment? Games also have the potential to enhance the growth of your business. How? The answer is through gamification. But what is gamification? And what is Level Up‘s gamification? 


First of all, let’s explore the meaning of gamification itself, and what are its benefits for your business. Gamification is the application of game techniques to increase motivation, engagement, and customer loyalty. With gamification, you can create a fun and profitable experience for your customers, making them more inclined to interact with your business. 


Gamification yields remarkable advantages for your business. Here are some benefits of gamification: 

Increase customer engagement

Gamification can make customers more interested and enthusiastic about your business, as they feel valued and recognized for their efforts. Gamification can also enhance social interaction among customers, making them feel part of a community. 

Increase customer retention. 

Gamifikasi dapat membuat pelanggan lebih setia dan berkomitmen dengan bisnis Anda, karena mereka merasa ada tujuan dan tantangan yang harus dicapai. Gamifikasi juga dapat memberikan umpan balik dan penguatan positif kepada pelanggan, sehingga mereka merasa puas dan bahagia. 

Increase sales and revenue

Gamifikasi dapat meningkatkan konversi dan pembelian pelanggan, karena mereka merasa ada insentif dan manfaat yang didapatkan. Gamifikasi juga dapat meningkatkan nilai seumur hidup pelanggan (customer lifetime value), karena mereka lebih sering dan lebih lama bertransaksi dengan bisnis Anda. Gamification can increase customer conversion and purchases, as they feel there are incentives and benefits to be gained. Gamification can also increase customer lifetime value, as they transact more frequently and for longer periods with your business. 

Increase business scalability

Gamification can help you reach and attract more potential customers, as they are interested in the unique and attractive experiences you offer. Gamification can also help you save on marketing and operational costs by automating processes that previously required human resources. 


To augment customer engagement with your business, one of the most commonly employed and effective strategies is the adoption of a core loop. This loop represents a cyclic process that sustains customer engagement and motivation with your business, comprising four stages: trigger, action, reward, and progress. 

Here is an example of the core loop in gamification: 


  • Trigger 

The trigger signifies a signal or prompt that stimulates customers to take action. It can manifest in the form of notifications, emails, messages, advertisements, or anything else that grabs the customer’s attention. 

  • Action 

After the trigger, action is the behavior we expect from customers. Actions can include purchasing products, filling out forms, watching videos, downloading applications, or anything else that aligns with your business goals. 

  • Reward 

This is the incentive given to customers for their actions. Rewards can be points, badges, prizes, discounts, or anything else that makes customers feel appreciated for their actions. 

  • Progress 

This indicates the customer’s progress. Progress can be in the form of levels, leaderboards, charts, statistics, or anything else that makes customers feel a sense of development and achievement. 

The core loop can be repeated to keep customers engaged and motivated with your business. However, you should also consider some factors to ensure that your gamification does not become boring or intrusive. Some things to consider include: 


  • Customize gamification to your business goals 

Define what you want to achieve with gamification, who your target customers are, and how to measure the results. 

  • Customize gamification to your customers’ needs 

Understand what motivates and preferences your customers have, what makes them happy and satisfied, and what makes them frustrated or disappointed. 


At Level Up, we employ these proven techniques and cycles tailored to suit your business requirements. Through our refined gamification approach, we offer two distinct gamification solutions that serve to enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and productivity, namely: 

Marketing Solution   

Gamification solutions for Level Up marketing use game elements and dynamics to attract and retain customers, increase brand awareness, and promote products or services. Level Up’s Gamification Marketing Solution is implemented in various ways, such as:  


  • In-App Enhancement  

Level Up’s in-app enhancement is done by adding game features to an existing app or website through Level Up’s game development capabilities.  


  • On Ground Activation  

On-ground activation with Level Up utilizing Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality games developed by our experts for your event needs on the ground.  


  • Standalone Advergame  

A customized game or app that showcases your brand, product, or service with the aim to entertain and educate customers, increasing brand exposure and boosting sales through advertising. 

Learning Solutions   

We can help you Apply game features to your learning content and activities with our game development capabilities across multiple platforms. Level Up’s gamified learning solutions can be implemented in various ways, such as:  


  • Game-Based Learning  

Level Up’s Game-Based Learning Integrates game elements into your learning activities by using Level Up’s developable game software. These games can help you improve your learners’ motivation, engagement, retention and performance.  


  • Game-Based Assessment   

Level Up Game-Based Assessment uses games or game simulations to measure your learners’ skills, knowledge, abilities or attitudes. The aim is to provide a more authentic, immersive, interactive and fun way of assessment that can capture the complex and dynamic aspects of conventional learning.  


  • VR Training & Simulators  

Level Up VR training and simulators are the use of virtual reality (VR) technology to create realistic and immersive learning environments and scenarios. The aim is to provide learners with learning opportunities that match their natural environment, to enhance their skills, knowledge and confidence. 


Visit our website to learn more about our gamification services and how we can help you elevate your customer engagement to the next level! 

Check out our gamification services page and contact us today. We are ready to help you create a gamification experience that aligns with your needs and preferences.  

Check out our gamification services page and contact us today. We are ready to help you create a gamification experience that aligns with your needs and preferences.  

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