Webinar Recap: Unleashing the Power Gamification in Business

Home Services Our Works Gamification 101 Case Studies Turnkey Contact Home Services Our Works Gamification 101 Case Studies Turnkey Contact Home Services Our Works Gamification 101 Case Studies Turnkey Contact Home Services Our Works Gamification 101 Case Studies Turnkey Contact Edit Template Webinar Recap: Unleashing the Power Gamification in Business Games: who doesn’t love playing them? Whether on arcades, PCs, consoles, or mobile phones, our off-time, break time, or just killing time is often spent immersed in games. In fact, studies reveal that people spend an average of 7 hours and 7 minutes each week gaming.  But what if we told you that this activity is not only for our entertainment? The power of what games have brought us has slowly become not just for playing. In the less fun part of our lives, it can sometimes be challenging, coming off as menial, boring, and frustrating. What if we could experience the same enjoyment we find in playing games with other activities, such as business processes or tests?  Now, let’s explore gamification—how we can bridge the gap and infuse the “fun” elements of games in many processes. This is where our journey begins as game developers. We see an opportunity to bring the joy of gaming into other aspects of life. If you’re seeking ways to engage your audience, customers, and employees, this article is for you.  We recently conducted a webinar on gamification and its potential for business. With this recap, we will look back at the important points of discussion from the webinar.  About the speaker Junialdi Dwijaputra, or better known as Jun, is a gamification expert with experience in creating and implementing gamification solutions for various businesses and organizations. His expertise in gamification stems from his role as a research and product manager, driven by a passion for learning and innovation. Jun’s diverse background has paved the way for his journey into the world of gamification. He is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their goals and leveraging technology to make the world a better place. If you are interested in learning how to apply gamification to your projects, Jun is the person to talk to! Learn More What is Gamification? We use game elements or principles and mechanics from games in non-game applications. In this case, many trends are emerging, especially in the business sector. So, how can games help businesses achieve their objectives?  Trigger Firstly, we need to identify what we want to achieve in the business context. Is it acquisition, engagement, or a direct plunge into sales? For instance, in the field of learning, there may be an increase in competence after a process like a pretest. They learn through a gamified process until the post-test, which must be measurable. Therefore, we shouldn’t just implement a game in an application straight away; we need to look at the actual objectives we want to achieve.  Action Next, we translate it into an instruction, where users are asked to take certain actions to relate to the objectives expected by the gamification developer or the company that is already using gamification services.  Reward Finally, users can receive rewards, either directly, like coins or points, or psychological fulfillment rewards; realizing, “Oh, it turns out we can find fulfillment in the time we’ve invested.”  Progress And eventually, they make progress, whether they level up or their avatar progresses. This is commonly implemented in the process of gamifying business processes. So, we must also know which business process we want to gamify and what its actual goal is.     Because, if we don’t know the goal, sometimes it’s difficult to evaluate the gamification process that has been done. So, once again, we need to know the purpose of why we are undertaking the gamification process.  Gamification can be implemented for various business objectives Acquisition Typically, in the early stages, a company’s primary focus is on increasing the number of users. To boost acquisition, businesses can integrate Player versus Player (PvP) mechanics, creating a competitive edge that attracts and engages new users. Additionally, implementing a referral program within the gamification strategy encourages current users to refer others, expanding the customer base organically.  Engagement Engagement involves figuring out how to integrate existing mini-games into the ecosystem of a platform; whether it’s an e-commerce platform or a logistics company. Essentially, with the presence of mini-games, it’s not just about embedding them, but there are certain metrics that need to be achieved. With the inclusion of mini-games, metrics within the platform, such as retention and duration, can be tracked through gamification.   For increased engagement, incorporating casual mini-games into non-game applications can be highly effective. These games provide a fun and interactive way for users to stay involved with the application. Furthermore, retention-focused rewards, such as exclusive bonuses or loyalty points, contribute to keeping users engaged over the long term.  Sales In the realm of sales, businesses can integrate gamification seamlessly. In-line campaigns that include gamified elements make the sales process more interactive and enjoyable for users. Implementing a tiered rewards system within these campaigns encourages users to make purchases, unlocking progressively valuable rewards as they move through different tiers.  Gamification’s Projected Market Size Value (2020 – 2025) Gamification market size is projected to grow from USD 9.1 billion in 2020 to USD 30.7 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.4% during the forecast period.  Pattern of Gamification Solutions Based on the gamification patterns that have come into Level Up powered by Agate over the past 14 years, we have identified a pattern:  Marketing Solutions In-App Enhancement Built to work directly with existing systems, in-app enhancements can take the form of game, progression mechanics, and reward systems.   Standalone Advergames Tailored game solutions built with specific sales, marketing, or promotional goals in mind.   On-Ground Activations Proven to catch eyeballs and gather a crowd, on-ground activations utilize the latest technologies to create amazing experiences for brands and consumers alike.   Learning Solutions Gamified Learning Applications Utilizing the latest proven trends in learning… Continue reading Webinar Recap: Unleashing the Power Gamification in Business