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The Level Up Gamification Framework: Level Up’s Innovative Framework

Gamification has become increasingly popular recently as businesses have recognized its potential to drive engagement, motivation, and productivity. However, many businesses struggle to create effective gamification solutions. That’s where Level Up Powered by Agate comes in. Since its inception in 2014, gamification has been a key service offered by Level Up Powered by Agate. Over the years, it has refined its approach and now offers a comprehensive framework that caters to a wide variety of business solutions. 

Announced at their press conference at Tech in Asia 2023, Level Up Powered by Agate has developed a comprehensive gamification framework that is designed to help businesses of all sizes achieve their desired results. The framework is based on a deep understanding of gamification theory and practice, and it has been proven to be effective in a wide range of industries. 

“With our experience collaborating with companies in various industry sectors, we create approaches and frameworks so that gamification will be implemented according to business needs.” Head of Level Up powered by Agate, Junialdi Dwijaputra. 

The Level Up Gamification Framework

The shift to a digital economy is rapidly increasing, making digital transformation a necessity rather than an option for businesses. In response to the rapidly increasing shift towards a digital economy, the Level Up Gamification Framework has been developed as a necessity for various businesses. This innovative model combines academic theory with practical implementation, designed to help companies unleash the full potential of gamification in brand development and human capital strategy growth. 

“The framework we have designed is the result of our extensive research to develop a gamification framework that is not only effective but can also be easily adopted by businesses. We understand that every company has different needs, and that is why we are committed to creating solutions that are flexible and customizable. With a focus on both academics and practical applications, our framework is a tool designed to help businesses maximize the potential of gamification in a precise, efficient, and effective way,” Head of Level Up powered by Agate, Junialdi Dwijaputra.

The Level Up Gamification Framework was developed after identifying the gaps in existing gamification frameworks. Most existing frameworks lack the technical requirements necessary to support business needs. In contrast, Level Up Powered by Agate’s framework has been designed to fill this gap, providing a comprehensive and complete solution that can fulfill diverse business needs. 


In this framework, we propose three main objectives that gamification designers need to have, which are: business objective, design, and technical feasibility. These three components shape the ideal gamification for businesses to have in their arsenal. They ensure that the gamification solution is aligned with the business goal, tailored to the user’s needs and preferences, and feasible to implement and maintain. 

The Level Up Gamification Framework is built on three main pillars:

Business Objective

The first step is to clearly define the business objective that gamification is intended to address. This could be anything from increasing sales to improving customer loyalty to reducing employee turnover. Once the objective is defined, Level Up Powered by Agate can work with the client to develop a gamification solution that is tailored to their specific needs. 


The design phase involves creating a game that is both engaging and aligned with the business objective. Level Up’s team of experienced game designers uses a variety of techniques to create games that are fun, challenging, and rewarding. 

Technical Feasibility

The final phase is to ensure that the game is technically feasible to implement and maintain. Level Up Powered by Agate has a team of experienced developers who can help with all aspects of game development, from asset management to scope management to launch planning. 


If you are looking for a way to improve employee engagement, motivation, learning, and productivity, then you should consider Level Up’s Gamification. Level Up Powered by Agate has a proven track record of helping businesses to achieve their desired results with gamification. To learn more about the Level Up Gamification Framework, please visit our website or contact us for a free consultation. 

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